News Update: EM Nominated for World Mayor Award

26-6-2014-bThe city of Mangaung is proud to announce that the Executive Mayor, Cllr Thabo Manyoni, has made the shortlist for the World Mayor 2014 Award. Councillor Manyoni is one of the 25 candidates nominated for the title, and is one of only two mayors in Africa to make the shortlist.

The World Mayor Prize is awarded every two years by the London based City Mayors Foundation to a mayor who has made outstanding contributions to his/her community and has developed a vision for urban living and work that is relevant to towns and cities across the world. The Prize, which has been awarded since 2004, honours mayors with the vision, passion and skills to make their cities incredible places to live in, work in and visit.

This falls within the vision of the Executive Mayor, who during his inaugural speech in September 2011 said he envisions Mangaung “as a globally safe and attractive city to work, invest and live in”.

The Executive is also nominated alongside his counterpart from the city of Ghent, Mayor Daniel Termont, who Mangaung has longstanding relations with through the Mangaung-Ghent City Link.

“The nomination on its own means a lot to the city and the country. The city is humbled that the head of this institution has made it onto the shortlist for this world-acclaimed award,” GM: Communications Qondile Khedama said.

Residents of Mangaung are encouraged to vote for Executive Mayor Manyoni and Support the candidacy of Mayor Manyoni by emailing them your reasons why he should win the 2014 World Mayor Prize. (Please insert ‘Mangaung Manyoni’ in the subject line and provide your name at the end of your testimonial. It can be your full name, first name or initials. Also tell them where you live.  Please use the following e-mail address:

You may also visit the website at