Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy (1 July 2024)

Credit Control Policy (1 July 2024)

(a) This Policy applies to all administrations within the defined boundaries of the Mangaung Municipality and all customers of these administrations.

(b) The Credit Control and Debt Collection policy, as approved by Council, has been enshrined in a Municipal policy in terms of the Systems Act and such Policy will be binding on the public, officials, and Councillors of the Metropolitan Municipality of Mangaung and no interference in the process will be permitted.

(c) The Policy is applicable until such time as it is reviewed and any revisions to the Policy approved by Council.

(d) All acts performed in terms of the above approved Policy, will not be invalidated due to the timing differences between approval and promulgation.

(e) All acts performed as mentioned in the previous paragraph will be ratified with the promulgation of the Municipal Policy.