News Flash: SAIA Free State engagement with Mangaung

MANGAUNG METRO MUNICIPALITY (MMM) – Submission of Building Plans

On Friday 9 March 2018 I met with Mr Eric Tyu (General Manager: Land Use Control) and Mr Broderick Chiloane (Manager Building & Zoning Control and Building Control Officer) to follow up on discussions held last year.

MMM is busy with a reform strategy in an effort to:

  • better service delivery to its communities;
  • to better South Africa’s ranking from 94 (out of 190 countries listed) with regards to “Dealing with Construction Permits”. Link: and
  • meet compliance with the provisions of the National Building regulations and Building Standard Act 103, 1977 as amended, specifically the 30 and 60 day time lines as legislatively prescribed.

Mr Chiloane undertook to do a presentation on the reform strategy as well as outline administrative processes and procedures being implemented as far as building plans are concerned – MMM would like to meet with SAIA FS members on the 9th of May @10:00 at the SAIA Free State Office – please diarise the date, formal notice will be given closer to the date. The meeting is part of the MMM broader stakeholder consultative engagement pursuant to create a harmonious working relationship with the institutes and its affiliated membership.

Notes to SAIA FS Members:

  • A (future) additional requirement when submitting plans will be to attach a copy of the valid SACAP certificate of the person submitting the plans (attach to the Architectural Compliance Certificate). I herewith encourage SAIA FS members to include a copy of your SACAP certificate with immediate effect.
  • Annexure A: please make sure you clearly indicate the existing m² versus new build m² as your Client is billed on new build.