Parks & Cemeteries

Me. Mahoholi Mafisa – General Manager: Parks and Cemeteries

The overall service objective of the Parks and Cemeteries Sub-Directorate is as follows:

To have an attractive, clean, green and healthy environment in MANGAUNG that will serve as the basis for sustainable economic development and enhance the quality of life for present and future generations.

Cemeteries & Crematorium

The Division Cemeteries and Crematoria aims to provide sustainable, innovative, affordable cemetery service that are informed by national guidelines and policies as well as by-laws of the MANGAUNG Metro Municipality and any other applicable legislation.


The objective of the Parks Division is to ensure and to provide a sustainable clean, green and healthy environment to the residents of MANGAUNG through a process of effective, efficient and sustainable service delivery.

The Division is responsible for the horticultural maintenance and development of open spaces (parks), traffic islands, buffer zones, sport fields, street trees, city gardens and fire belts.

A technical maintenance service contributes to the effectiveness of the service with reference to water network maintenance (irrigation systems), mechanical maintenance of small equipment such as lawnmowers, water pumps, parks buildings and fences etc.

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GM Parks and Cemeteries Me Mahoholi Mafisa

Tel number – 051-4127000/6

Cell number – 0823535028

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