Zoo and Kwaggafontein Management Services

The Bloemfontein Zoo was founded in 1906, and since then it has developed into a world-class zoo. It is managed within the ambit of SANS 10379 and ethical standards of the Pan African Association of Zoos, Aquaria and Botanical Gardens (PAAZAB) and plays an important role within MANGAUNG to accommodate people who want to experience and learn about wildlife on their doorstep.


To be a world-class zoo of distinction by providing conservational, educational, recreational and research facilities by 2010.


The business unit is committed to conservation for generations to come and provides an educational and recreational opportunity for all with a dignified and esthetical pleasing environment for the animals.

Our Commitment to Conservation

  • To meet the husbandry needs of the captive collection.
  • To expand our animal collection.

Our Educational Programme

  • To seek to organise and provide a wide range of educational opportunities for all within, or operating from the Zoo to all sectors of the community so as to:
    • Enhance people’s understanding of the world’s wildlife, its habitat and welfare; and
    • Promote awareness of environmental issues and conservation.
  • Providing stakeholders with an understanding of how nature works.
  • Promote educational excellence.

Our Marketing Strategy

  • Promote the Zoo as recreational and tourist venue.
  • To create a better market share.
  • To create membership opportunities, especially of PDI’s.
  • To continue to build and improve our relationship with the Friends of the Zoo (FOTZ).
  • To create an awareness that the Zoo belongs to the citizens of MANGAUNG.
  • To develop a customer orientated slogan.
  • To develop a unique logo.
  • To promote the conservation and educational objectives of the Zoo.

Our Commitment to Recreation

  • Provide a meaningful family recreation.
  • Have adequate recreational facilities and equipment.
  • Be a top recreational facility in the region.

Our Commitment to the Community

  • Actively encouraging and developing an atmosphere which supports community involvement and participation.
  • Assure accessibility and affordability to all citizens.
  • Create equal opportunities.
  • Provide top class recreational facilities, to all citizens of all ages, races, and income.
  • Support local community projects.

The Operations of the Zoo

  • Operate within applicable legislation.
  • Maintain and display a collection of animals that facilitates the achievement of conservation and educational objectives.
  • Adopt environmentally friendly practices.
  • Be transparent in all our operating policies and procedures.
  • Encourage voluntarily involvement.
  • Continuously develop the skills of our staff.
  • Ensure performance contracts for all employees.
  • Create career opportunities.
  • Meeting employment equity targets.
  • Engage in public/private partnerships.
  • Provide excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Continuously improved our infrastructure.
  • Improve our accessibility for the disabled.
  • Identify new business opportunities and expand the business of the Zoo.
  • Become an independent entity.
  • Decrease our subsidy from council.
  • Increase our revenue streams.
  • Become very attractive to potential sponsors.
  • Increase cost effectiveness.
  • Provide a safe and attractive venue for our visitors and staff.

Our Commitment to Research is

  • Contribute to research for the benefit of wildlife.
  • Work with other institutions and scientist in our field of research.
  • Follow all policies and legislation.
  • Report openly and accurately to our ethics committee.
  • Publish the findings of our research.
  • Be ethical and open in all forms of research.

Contact Us

Mr. D.J. Barnes Manager: Zoo and Kwaggafontein

Physical address:
Bloemfontein Zoo, Henry Street
Bloemfontein, 9301

Postal address:
PO Box 3704, Bloemfontein, 9300

Bloemfontein Zoo:
Main Entrance: Henry Street,
Bloemfontein, 9301

Tel: +27 51 405 8483
Fax: +27 51 412 7011
E-mail: daryl.barnes@mangaung.co.za