Housing Policy

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Council has noticed that there is confusion, bias and favouritism in the allocation of houses. There is also widespread dissatisfaction around queue-jumping. Council is also concerned that many people do not understand the procedure for applying for both municipal rental accommodation and government subsidy houses. It is Council’s feeling that allocation procedures for both rental and subsidy houses should be transparent and accessible to all the residents of Mangaung. There is also need to balance the racial question in the allocation of municipal rental houses. It has also become evident that the debtor system is not effective enough to generate rental income. On the other side the maintenance of rental accommodation is not adequate. While the primary focus of this policy is to regulate allocation of municipal rental accommodation as well as government subsidised housing, allocation of sites in tribal areas shall happen within the framework of the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act of 2003.

Policy Objectives

  • Promotion of equal access to housing for Mangaung residents
  • Transparency
  • Prevention of unfair discrimination
  • Promotion of fair administrative justice
  • Occupation of Municipal houses shall be in line with ability to pay rent
  • Apply the principle of “first come first serve”
  • Proper recording of all housing applicants

Click here to download the PDF for Housing Policy