Update on Water: Quality is Safe

Media Alert / Public Notice: Update on the quality of water in Mangaung

This is an update of water quality in Mangaung after earlier claims of contamination.

Water quality is safe for human consumption.

This is based on the outcome of our laboratory analysis.

The smell and taste in water is due to geosmin algae present in raw water as a result of low water flow in the river and extremely high temperatures.

Although as the city we are comfortable with the quality of our water, the taste and odour is aesthetically unpleasant because of the presence of geosmin. We are currently treating it with chlorine dioxide.

We would like to reassure the community of Mangaung that our water complies with SANS 241 for drinking water standards, but odour and taste will deem it user unfriendly.

As the city we did pick up earlier information about the situation in Soutpan, which was caused by the low levels of water in Krugersdrit dam but our teams are investigating possible solutions. We have dispatched water tankers, and have encouraged the community of Souptan to boil water before consuming.
Residents of Mangaung will be continuously updated as and when necessary.

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MMM Communications

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