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IDP AND Budget Process Plan 2020/2021 (DRAFT)

Public Notice: MMM’s Draft IDP AND Budget Process Plan 2020/2021

Section 21 (1) of the MFMA (Act 56 of 2003), which requires the mayor of a municipality to:

(b) At least 10 months before the start of the budget year, table in the municipal council a time schedule outlining key deadlines for:
(i) the preparation, tabling and approval of the annual budget;
(ii) the annual review of
(aa) the integrated development plan in terms of section 34 of the Municipal Systems Act; and
(bb) the budget-related policies;
(iii) the tabling and adoption of any amendments to the integrated development plan and the budget-related policies; and
(iv) any consultative processes forming part of the processes referred to in subparagraphs (i), (ii), and (iii).

Subsequently section 28, (3) of the Municipal System Act provides that:

A municipality must give notice to the local community of particulars of the process it intends to follow.

The city wishes to inform all its stakeholders and communities, of the draft key dates that will provide opportunities for inputs and influence on the Review of IDP and Budget for 2020/2021. The citizens are hereby requested to submit their inputs/comments in writing and hand deliver to Bram Fischer Building, 2nd Floor, Room 212B or 213B on or before 08 August 2019. The table below summarises the draft key activities and applicable dates that the city intends to follow on its review. A full version of the draft process plan is available on the city’s website www.mangaung.co.za. For further details contact the General Manager: IDP and Organisational Performance at monyake.mothekhe@mangaung.co.za or lebohang.pita@mangaung.co.za (051 405 8874/8118/8103)

Adv. Tankiso Mea – City Manager