Procedure & Process for Submitting Insurance Claims

STEP ONE: Submit completed claim form signed and dated to the council in which you hold them responsible for loss and /or injury or damages to your vehicle/tyres/rims, etc.


  • Client to ensure to note a clear description of loss and/or injury, date of loss and/or injury and vehicle registration details for all parties if applicable.
  • Speedometer reading at time of accident.
  • If you have insurance but wish not to claim from own insurance, obtain an affidavit from the police station confirming such in the event that you do not have insurance submit an affidavit to that effect.
  • Contact details such as cell phone number/landline/email or fax and physical address to be provided.
  • Maximum of (2) two eyewitness statements or contact details if
  • Minimum of 2 quotations for all damaged items e.g. tyres, rims etc. be obtained and submitted.
  • Clear enlarged copy of ID enlarged to A4
  • Clear enlarged copy of Driver’s license enlarged to A4
  • Colour Photos of damages to the vehicle as well as the place where the incident occurred.
  • If injuries have been sustained, provide a medical report confirming the nature of the injuries.
  • Proof of residence. (letter / account)
  • Proof that municipal accounts are up to date. (Municipal account not older than three months – available at enquiries counter)

STEP TWO: When all documentation has been compiled to lodge a claim ensure to send/deliver or fax it to the following contacts:

First point of contact:

  • Deliver to ME. Mandlakazi Sikuza, Bram Fischer Building, 2nd floor, room 231.
  • Deliver to ME. Mosidi Thati, Bram Fischer Building, 2nd floor, room 232.
  • Scan and mail to Mandlakazi Sikuza on
  • Scan and mail to Mosidi Thati on


  1. Mandlakazi Sikuza: 051 405 8673
  2. Mosidi Thati 051 405 8364