Budget - IDP - SDBIP

Integrated Development Plan and Sector Plans (IDP) 2023 / 2024

The Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality takes cue from the 2023 SONA and SOPA respectively, that the people of South Africa and those of Mangaung want action, they want solutions, and they want government to work for them.

We must be focused on actions that will make a meaningful difference now, that will enable real progress and that will lay a foundation for a sustained recovery into the future. This is what the city should commit to make a difference now. As the city continues to implement its Financial Recovery Plan, this turnaround strategy will oversee the municipality steer towards being self-sufficient and financially resilient.

The approach of this IDP have clear understanding from our previous consultations with communities and various stakeholders that, Council still needs to do more to ensure proper financial management and good governance, build better roads, provide clean and reliable water supply, provide proper sanitation and housing, provide reliable weekly waste collection, create opportunities for jobs and grow the city’s economy and to continue to provide electricity.

These input from communities remain our priorities until the end of this term of council. As the Executive Mayor, I am confident that these strategies will steer the municipality to recover from the current dire financial strains and still remain committed to improve the audit outcomes.

The city will continue to redefine participatory democracy through a massive stakeholder mobilisation and consultation to deal with rapid response on the provision of services.