News Update – Heidedal to become a Recreational Hub

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A change of events is expected in the Heidedal community following a commitment by Mangaung metro’s senior officials to bring more recreational facilities to the community. The Executive Mayor, Clr Thabo Manyoni, set the first project in motion when he officially handed over the dilapidated swimming pool site in Ward 16 to contractors for a refurbishment on Monday, 11 February. The renovation worth R1.9 millions will take three months and will involve the refurbishment of the main pool and the baby pool, which will be open to the public. “Following an assessment of recreational facilities in the city, we saw it befitting that we speed up the refurbishment of this facility which had become dysfunctional. We are refurbishing it so that it contributes in promoting swimming and to remove kids from the streets,” Clr Manyoni said.

The swimming pool dates back to the 80s, and was one of the amenities which helped get children off the streets and fuel their energies into something positive, Heidedaler Leonard Grobler said. It is the hope of the EM that this and forthcoming facilities will change the course of Heidedal teenager’s lives. One of Clr Manyoni’s priorities since ascending the seat has been to include the vulnerable groups ie. the elderly, women and children in social development programmes, amongst other things. In a bid to achieve this, a commemorative Kido Chuene park will also be built in Heidedal in the next financial year, the EM said. The park would have facilities which will be aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst elderly citizens. For the youth, the Billy Murison stadium will also be refurbished at a tune of R2 million in the next financial year.

In a move to show the residents of Heidedal that they are an important part of Mangaung and are not forgotten, as is the perception, the EM and members of Mayco also handed over 300 food parcels to members of the community. To the recipients, he said that they should always foster a relationship of sharing, with those who had even less. “You are fortunate today, but there are a lot of people who go without food everyday. Always give where you can,” the EM said to loud applause.

Click here to download the PDF for News Update 12 Feb 2013