Notice: Dispelling Rumors – Drinking Water Virus

The city has picked up that there is loose information in the form of a text//social media message making rounds that there is a virus in the drinking water within the jurisdiction of Mangaung Metro. This myth or misinformation is perpetuated by bogus propagandists with the intention of defocusing the city from sterling work we are doing of providing citizens of Mangaung with standard, if not the best service.

This is not authentic and legitimate information, and should be discarded with the contempt it deserves.
The city’s drinking water complies with South African National Standards (SANS 241) for drinking water in all aspects of water parameters. This means there are no pathogens in the drinking water. The water is tested before treatment, during treatment, before supply and finally tested at the tap to ensure compliance with all processes.
This city will, against all odds, continue to provide services as expected by its citizens. We are also humbled by the approach by most members of the community by making enquiries and sourcing for correct information. This move has once again demonstrated we are serving responsible citizens that are holding hands with the administration.
We are also calling upon citizens of Mangaung to ignore such information and consider official information as issued by Mangaung Metro. If there are hiccups, citizens will be immediately informed.

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As the city, we are aware of the panic that this malicious message has caused amongst citizens of Mangaung. We profusely apologise for the panic and confusion it has caused.