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Integrated Development Plan (IDP) 2017 / 2022 & MTREF Budget 2017/18/19/20 & Mayoral Speech 2017

In terms of Chapter 5 of Municipal System Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000), a municipal council is expected to annually review their IDP in accordance with an assessment of its performance measures and to the extent that changing circumstances so demands, the municipality may also amend its IDP in accordance with a prescribed process.

Notice is hereby given that the Integrated Development Plan 2017/22 and MTREF BUDGET 2017/18/19/20 with Budget Related Policies for the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality were approved by the Council on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 and documents are available on the municipal website www.mangaung.co.za.

Adv. Tankiso Mea – City Manager