Media Release: Update on Water Situation in Mangaung Metro

Mangaung Metro has received good rains in the past few weeks, which means our dam and reservoir levels have improved.

The picture shows that there has been a significant improvement in most of the dams in the Free State, for greater Bloemfontein area including Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality, the status is moderate with the recent rainfalls received since March 2018.

This mean the current water levels will be sufficient to last us to the next rain season November 2018; taking into consideration that we are still in a state of climate change which may result in abnormal season conditions.

Communities are still urged to continue to preserve and use water sparingly to avoid any water shortages that may arise due to high water demand.

The dams below are the ones supplying water for the Metro with the exception of Maselspoort dam operated and managed by MMM for the Northern suburbs of Bloemfontein only.

  • Rustfontein 47.7 %
  • Welbedacht 81.8 %
  • Knellpoort 54.3%
  • Groothoek 55.4%

We have only picked up the alleged announcement that both Rosestad and Motheo FM warned residents of Mangaung Metro that they should not drink tap water without boiling it first because the water contains a high dose of chemicals that was intended to purity the water.

It’s also indicated that symptoms of infected water may lead to diarrhoea, excessive diarrhoea with blood stools, stomach cramps and it can lethal. If anyone presents with the following symptoms medical help should be sought immediately.

After verifying with radio Rosestad confirmed with us that this is an old Whatsapp message that was rehashed by a member of the community and thereby sending a panic to the public.
As Mangaung Metro we would want to dispel all these unwarranted and unofficial notices that are being circulated all the time and some by members of the public themselves.

As the City’s administration, we are steadfast in running a responsive administration. We have been trying to engage some of our councillors regarding disseminating of non-official information to the public and as administration we are getting cooperation in that regard.

We would like to thank members of the community for consistently alerting and interacting with the municipality on issues that affects the public.

For enquiries contact Mangaung Call Centre at 0800 111 300