Budget - IDP - SDBIP

Final Approved IDP 2020/2021

The 2020/2021 Integrated Development Plan (IDP) review marks a critical phase in the history of the governance of our City. It takes place at the time we are subjected to the intervention of the Provincial Government in terms of the provisions of Section 139 of the Republic of South Africa. While Council is fully behind the intervention since it may serve a great deal of purpose towards effective implementation of financial recovery plan, it is worth noting that the Council itself was not dissolved and its mandate, therefore, remains intact. Hence the tabling of the 2020/2021 Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Budget –2020/21 Medium Term Revenue Expenditure Framework (MTREF) for consideration and adoption by the Council.

The Council is deeply concerned about the crisis in the financial affairs of the City, which is the primary reason we are currently under Section 139 (5)(a) and (c) of the Constitution. This compels us to explore stringent austerity measures including setting spending limits and revenue targets; engaging relevant stakeholders in dealing with the critical issue of overtime, entering satisfactory plans with bulk suppliers – to mention but a few. Working together with the Team of Administrators as deployed by the Provincial Government, even under these trying times, we are committed to achieving our vision of establishing a City that is “globally safe and attractive to work, invest and live in”.

The 2020/2021 Integrated Development Plan (IDP) review is aligned accordingly with the recent adjustment budget which provides for Municipal Cost Containment Regulations to be implemented by all departments. This includes debt collection levels for all services that must be improved such that all departments contribute to revenue collection. The city has also made significant progress in developing and submitting the new district-based model (city’s development profile and analysis report) which seeks to synchronise planning and related course(s) for action by all spheres of government.

The financial year 2020/2021 is going to be very tough year for local governance in Mangaung due to the challenges associated with the financial distress we are currently facing. Let us therefore work together to achieve our vision and making Mangaung the best place to live. The rise and the fall of this beautiful City depend on the effort made by every local citizen.