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Expanded Public Works Programme Projects (EPWP) – Implementation, Reporting , Documents & Procedures

The Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) is a South African Government initiated programme aimed at creating 4.5 million work opportunities by 2014. The Programme is implemented by all spheres of government, across four (4) defined sectors, namely the Infrastructure, Social, Non-State and Environment and Culture sectors. The Programme is co-ordinated by the National Department of Public Works (DPW), as mandated by Cabinet.

This programme is not implemented in isolation with other Government strategic initiatives, but rather in collaboration with the New Growth Path (NGP) which outlines Key Job Drivers, such as targeting more labour-absorbing activities across the main economic sectors; and substantial public investment in infrastructure both to create employment directly in construction, operation and maintenance environments, and lastly   by indirectly improving efficiency across the economy. EPWP work opportunities are all linked to the NGP Job drivers and expected to contribute to the NGP targets through its Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) targets.

Resource documents for download (some are in PDF, MS-Word and MS-Excel format: